Snyders 50

They Met
By chance and 
Their story began
He knew she was the one
She felt the same
Romance, a little intrigue

Now it’s the time to wish them


How the years have flown by. It seems like yesterday that we kept your secret from Mom and Dad that you’d flown to Hawaii to meet up with each other for Herbie’s leave! You’ve raised two amazing daughters and have taken care of Mom and Dad. The years have been full of wonderful moments! Wish we could be with you to celebrate your 50th. Happy anniversary! We love you! —Cindy & Steve

Congratulations, Herbie and Lauren, on your 50th anniversary! You both definitely exemplify the true meaning of love. It was a great honor to get to know you both from being your neighbors for 37 years! You both have shown great dedication and love in raising your daughters and giving back to the community. May you have many more anniversaries to create lasting, loving memories! Have a very happy 50th anniversary! —Dan & Linda Hibbard

Happy 50th!!! As you celebrate this incredible milestone, I wanted to thank you for the influence you have had on me and my family. You have been a constant positive influence in my life. You have always been there for me… to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to be quiet, and always to love. Your love for each other and for your family has shaped me into the woman, the wife and the mother I am today. Your kindness to others, your love for your family, and your honest approach to life’s challenges are an aspiration I try to attain each and every day. I have only known you to be full of love, and your love spreads to those around you.  The world is certainly a better place because of you. Thank you for giving me my best friend and letting me be a part of your family.  I am so glad you found each other!! Happy Anniversary!!!  —Sarah W

Humbling to call you our friends. Congratulations. Thank you both for all you’ve done and continue to do. —Pat and Nancy

Happy 50th anniversary, Aunt Lauren and Uncle Herb!  Feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th in your pool house — what an incredible milestone that many can only dream of.  Jacob and I are so lucky to have you both in our lives, cheers to many years to come! XOXO —Sarah and Jake ❤️

They must be doing everything right, they don’t look old enough to be married 50 years. And they are one of the nicest couples I know! —Deb Henderson

Happy 50th anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder! I feel very lucky to have grown up on Ogden across the street from you and honestly many times in your home. I remember you sitting through our questionable skits and clapping with great enthusiasm in your living room and backyard. I remember jumping on your couch (sorry about that). Thank you for being amazing 2nd parents, great neighbors, and a wonderful example of unconditional love. Miss and love you both very much. Wishing you many more years of health and happiness. P.S. Abby wanted to say Happy Anniversary too! —Lisa

Sending 50th wedding anniversary wishes to a great couple and long-time friends! You have raised a beautiful family and have given so much to others in the community and in your personal lives. We are happy that the friendships we began in high school with each of you continue today! God bless you both with love and happiness for another 50 years!!! —Duddy and Elaine Gleason

I don’t have many memories of high school that don’t involve them. I remember spending hours at your house, and how we must have driven them crazy. Yet, the alternative being us running the streets and being into extra-curriculars, looking back, I’m confident that they wouldn’t have traded having us there, under their skin for just about anything. There were tons of laughs, mall trips, sleepovers, coffee, drawing pictures of the Bus on the computer, a trip to Hershey…the memories are endless. Always tied to those memories are feelings of love, fun, and acceptance. I never didn’t feel like one of the family. I am truly thankful that my children (and I) get to experience those feelings to this day. They are amazing people, separately and together, and I am grateful to have them in my life. —Marietta

Happy Anniversary Neighbors!! Congratulations! —Jeanine Housman

Mrs and Mr Snyder, wishing you a wonderful 50th anniversary! Although we’ve not met, knowing Bethany (from our days at Bradford College) gives me a sense of how lovely the two of you must be! Sending you warmest wishes as you celebrate this special occasion. 💕 —Heather French

Herb has always been the man, but for 50 years we can explain his strength. —Owen Altland

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with your mom and eventually with your dad. Your mom and I began working together when I was an administrator in Dundee and she began the Our Town Rock project. I have never met a person who was able to win the hearts over in that community so quickly. Through the years ,your dad became the Rotary spouse. He’s a doll too. Together they make this dynamic couple who in my mind embody service above self. Lucky for us to have them in our lives. Happy anniversary, Herbie and Lauren. —Kathy Ring

Happy 50th Anniversary Herb and Lauren! Blessings to you both. —Pat and Marilyn Flynn

Lauren and Herbie, I only had the pleasure of meeting you once, but the moment I walked in your door you welcomed me in as if we’d known each other for years. Your home is one of comfort, love, and kindness, and I immediately felt like one of the family. Also, you made the best bbq chicken I’ve ever had!Thank you for being such wonderful people, and for being so willing to share that love with others. Bethany is one of the kindest, warmest, most loving people I have ever known, and I thank you both for that. She wouldn’t be the person I love so much today if she didn’t have you and your love for each other behind her! I wish you love and happiness for all the days ahead. Happy anniversary, Lauren and Herbie!! ️️️️️—Laurie Ritt

My most prominent memory of your lovely parents is when they attended the PYAC rally last summer! More than the cause itself, it really sank in how they have embraced me as a member of this community and show their support for the important stuff we all believe in. And then getting soft serve and laughing about wacky Yates County characters! Happy anniversary, Lauren and Herbie—thanks for being so great and for raising two other great people!  —Alex Andrasik

Happy 50th Anniversary, Lauren snd Herbie. It must be all that walking you do together that keeps you close. I have been so blessed to get to know you both. —Robyn Ballard

I wish you a very happy anniversary! —Sarah Creveling

Lauren & Herbie, Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary!  It’s a milestone that few couples reach and is a testament to your enduring, loving relationship. All marriages go through ups and downs, and it takes hard work and teamwork to make it last. We’re so glad that you were able to come to South Carolina this spring before things closed down. We always enjoy your company (and hospitality when we’re in NY) and are looking forward to the next time we’ll be able to see you. Again, congratulations on this very special occasion. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you. —Steve & Ann

Happy anniversary!  💝 —Sharon Ahrens

Please wish Herb and Lauren a very special anniversary wish. We go way back. (Day care and many other occasions.) Very special couple. —Sally & Gary Griffin

Ok, so just reading these posts, I am in tears. Beautiful words, about wonderful people. I know how lucky I am to know them, and I’m beyond blessed to call them family. My love, admiration, respect, genuine, deep, like has no end. My wish for your 50th anniversary is many, many, more years together, as that is the least you both deserve, for all you’ve done, for so many, for so long. You both are examples of making the world a much better place! Happiest of anniversaries, with all the love and admiration I can muster up for you. 🎉🎊🎈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 P.S. I forgot to thank you for giving me two cousins, who I love to the ends of the earth, and beyond. —Brenda

Happy 50th anniversary, Herbie and Lauren! ❣️💑 —Carol Genecco

“Love is patient, love is kind.” Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder! Although I have never met you, I love your daughter. She is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy world. I know that your love created two very special daughters, and so today I wanted to wish you a happy anniversary! —Michelle Robbins

Happy 50th anniversary to both of you! 🥂—Linda Fox❤️

Give them a big hug from Dan and I and wish them a happy anniversary from us too!! ❤️—Beth Snyder

I remember being welcomed to their home many years ago and how much it felt like family! I want to thank Lauren and Herbie for sharing their fabulous children with me all these years❤️❤️ I even got a chance to make late lunches for Grandma and Grandpa Richmond a few times. Full circle ❤️❤️. So I wish you two lovebirds good health and many more years of bliss. Happy 50th anniversary! —Carol “Mon Pion” Chester Rusinko

Happy 50th anniversary to a wonderful couple!!🎉❤️ —Christy Straka

Happy 50th anniversary to two of my favorite people. I love you both 💞💕 —Nancy Snyder Blair

All the very best wishes to a model couple! Congratulations! —Stephanie Olsen

Lauren and Herb— We wish you the best 50th anniversary anyone could have. Thank you for everything during the last many years. Your strength and kindness as a couple are unsurpassed. Many more ahead. Love you. —Deb and Mike

Dear Lauren and Herbie—Happy anniversary 💕🌸Kilroy is still here! Thank you for what you’ve given the world, in your children and your model. I used to MARVEL when Beth would talk about her home life and you two, back when we were at Bradford. Happy, happy days to you. May you feel all the joy forever and ever! —Krista (McCain) McEames

Happy anniversary Lauren and Herbie!! Thanks for giving Bethany to the world! —Marc Catera

Happy 50th anniversary and wish you many more. —Donna

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Herbie, I remember wonderful summers in New York when I was small. We had so much fun. As I got older and had Olivia, y’all opened your home to us. Liv and I had so much fun staying with you and swimming in the pool. We went on a lot of adventures there. Liv and I adore both of you and those memories will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary!! We will be celebrating y’all in spirit. —Arlene and Olivia

Happy anniversary to two of the sweetest people we know. Enjoy your special day!!!! —Buck, Mary Anne and Chase

Happy 50th anniversary to the sweetest couple. We’ve only met a few times, but during those times, you welcomed me so warmly, like family. It was immediately clear to me how much love you give to your daughters, each other, and the world.  We’re all better because of people like you; thank you for being a light and inspiration for kindness and love. And thank you for Bethany. I’m forever grateful to know her—such a wonderful, supportive woman who has taught me so much. Many blessings to you for years to come. —Jess Trace

50 years??? Outstanding! Happy anniversary! —Brenda Curtis Reynolds

Happy 50th to you both! Thanks Lauren for putting up with Herbie this long, lol…not a bad guy after all, from Brian😜. Love ya guys! —Ellen & Brian Kjar

Happy anniversary! 🎉 —David Foti

Happy 50th anniversary, Herbie and Lauren. You both are the most loving and giving couple I know. May your day be as special as you are!  Love you. —Deb & Scott

Mazel Tov on fifty years of marriage! Grateful for your love that’s given us Jennie and Bethany. Cheers to many, many, many more trips around the sun as a couple. —Sheri Malman

Happy anniversary to both of you!  —Roxanne Lynn

Trying to wrap my head around your parents celebrating 50. I’m also mentally Photoshopping their faces into Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen’s Golden Anniversary pictures In front of the wood paneling at the Danish Brotherhood. Kinda scary. So sorry we can’t celebrate in person. Maybe later this … year? All our love to them. Can’t wait to see everyone in person. —Howard, Grace, and Alec

Happy 50th to two of the best people ever. —Barb Snyder

Happy 50th anniversary, Lauren & Herbie!! I have lovely memories of a lunch we shared with Bethany in York years ago, and I hope one day we can do it again. Congratulations!! ❤️🎉 —Sarah Hebb

Happy anniversary, Herbie and Lauren! You two together have made the world a better place by the life and love you have created together. Love you! —Ron & Dee

Happy 50th anniversary!!!!! 🎉 —Christine DeFazio Moon

Happy anniversary. —Chip Wedge

Happy 50th anniversary to two of the best!!💞🙂🎉 —Sue Snyder

Happy anniversary to the kindest people to know and many more. —Michael Carmel

Happy anniversary! All the best! —Brian Shriver

Happy anniversary, Lauren and Herbie!!! Congratulations on 50 years.🎉🎉 You have been such an inspiration to so many throughout the years.  You’ve exemplified the meaning of true love, always putting the each other ahead of yourself.  You have always led by example, and been there for anyone and everyone, anytime and anyplace needed.  We love you and hope you have a very special day!!!! —Tracy and Tom

Bethany sent out the message for friends, family, and loved ones to send a Happy Anniversary message to you both in honor of your 50th wedding anniversary. In true Kim Dowd fashion, I waited until the last minute, but I always do my best work under pressure. So, first HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! When I think of Herbie and Lauren, I immediately think of love. My family and I are not related to you, but you treat us with love, kindness, and compassion as if we were family. You accepted us into your ranks and you extend that love and kindness to my kids and my mother. We’ve been so fortunate to have many happy memories with you both. Swimming at the pool, sneaking off to Seneca Farms with Bethany and Jennie and not letting Lauren know. Sitting in the kitchen laughing and telling stories. Grieving with you when we’ve all lost loved ones. Herbie unabashedly taking Andy’s money when he fleeces him at pool. Mike and Lauren’s absolute love for Fritos Scoops…the regulars are so inferior. Mike confessing to Herbie that his first thought on Father’s Day was to call Herbie because Mike lost his own father years ago, and Herbie, tearfully telling Mike that he should definitely call. In addition to being lucky enough to think of you all as our family, you gave me Bethany, and she is one of the very best things in my life. You gave me Jennie, and I always wanted an older sister, even though she insists I’m older! You are part of the fabric of my children’s childhood memories and, for that, I can never say thank you enough for being there for them. So, Happy 50th Anniversary to two of the very best people I know. You both are inspirations to everyone around you, even though you would say otherwise. You’re so giving, patient, loving, kind, the list goes on. But mostly, you’re family, and we all love you so very much. —Kim, Mike, Alex, James, and Andy Dowd (AKA the Downses)

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