Look, I Made a Hat!

Actually, I made a book, but I love this quote from Sunday in the Park with George: “Look, I made a hat. Where there never was a hat.”

My collection of short fiction, Copper and Stone, is now available from Amazon. Click here!

It includes six previously published stories and six unpublished stories. They are arranged in order of narrator age, from 7 to 85. A lot of them take place in my hometown of Penn Yan, New York. I hope you’ll buy a copy, and enjoy it. Please leave a review on Amazon! Thanks for your support, dear readers.

2 thoughts on “Look, I Made a Hat!

  1. Dear Beth ,
    I am a care giver at your sisters house in PY . I am excited to tell you that I am going to purchase your new book . I can’t wait to read it ; just by the small stories from your writing at the PY writers workshop that Copper and Stone is gonna be a enjoyable book to read . I hope I get to have the opportunity to have you sign it at the book signing at Longs . If not I’ll give it to your mom so if you could sign it ; I will treasure it always. I’ve always wanted to write but never get past the first chapter cause I get writers block . Congratulations on your published book and great works .

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