This is where you can find my fiction.
(Asterisks indicate stories that can be read without purchase.)

“Turn the Page” appears in The MacGuffin.

“Saturday, About Half Past Four” appears in Bluff & Vine Issue Six.

“Muck” appears in Bluff & Vine Issue Five.

“Sky & Stone,” a nonfiction piece, is on Medium

“Leftovers” appears in The MacGuffin.

“Restitution” appears in Commonthought 2019.

“The Boogeyman” appears in Bluff & Vine Issue Three.

“Closing Shop” appears in the Salty Tales anthology.

“Reply Hazy, Try Again” appears in Bending Genres.*

“Black Tie Required” appears in Sky Island Journal.*

“At Ease” appears in The MacGuffin.

“Round and Round” appears in Bluff & Vine Issue Two.

“If You Listen Very Hard” appears in Bluff & Vine Issue One.

“All That You’ve Got” appears in The Olive Press.*

“And the Winner Is…” appeared in Spectacle.* (Click here!)

“Home Run” appears in The Olive Press.*

“Three Times Fast” appears in Geek Force Five

“Jam” appears in Commonthought Magazine.

“Jackpot” appears in Lost Coast Review.*

“The Stone Wife” appears in Geek Force Five.

“Underneath” appears in Kindred Magazine

“I Spied” appears in Petrichor Machine.

My first collection of short fiction, Copper and Stone, is available on Amazon


Here are some reviews of my work. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

  • These are dark tales, make no mistake, but beyond that, we find ourselves invested in characters who manage to gain real dimension in their development despite inhabiting the incredibly small sphere the short typically affords. And, too, settings are powerful here, in each and every story, one after the other.
  • Read this book. Feel her feels because they’re YOUR feels. If you ever want anyone else to know how you feel, what you went through, what that heartbreak felt like or how scared you were…hand them this book.
  • Strong writing with totally believable characters that develop organically. Nothing here feels contrived. And there’s a surprisingly dark undercurrent that pervades many of the pieces without overtaking them. In short: Lovely.
  • When I finished the volume, I felt very satisfied…though there are several which remain with me, whispering at the edge of my mind.
  • It’s a true talent to spin the tales, develop the characters and still be able to wrap up things up with clever endings in only a few pages- and Bethany Snyder does this masterfully.
  • Snyder has a tremendous capability for creating nuanced and believable characters, and it serves her well in her short story writing. You really get drawn in to each one of her characters, and that makes it a joy to read her book.
  • This collection is very well written and creative with characters that I feel like I know, characters that will make you cringe as you identify with their flawed and dark all too human qualities. I enjoyed it on the first read and am enjoying the second read even more!

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