Three Times Fast

On September 1st, my latest short fiction piece, “Three Times Fast,” will appear in Geek Force Five.

The story takes place in a fictionalized version of my college campus. I took this photo there last fall.

The story takes place in a fictionalized version of my college campus. I took this photo there last fall.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Caroline knows that the breathing she hears behind her, ragged and shallow, is just Max (a pack-a-day smoker), but she bites down on her lower lip to squelch a scream. Copper floods her mouth. It’s only five steps across the narrow room from the nightmare door to the green metal door that leads to the tunnels proper, but her feet sink in the wet cement of her terrified childhood, and each step takes approximately a year, one for each year the nightmare came.

Stay tuned for links to the print and electronic versions!


PY Writes


PY Writes is a community for writers in Penn Yan and the surrounding communities. If you’re in or near the 14527, join us! (And feel free to join us virtually, even if you’re not.)

Events include writing workshops, panels, lectures, writing nights, and more!


Finger Lakes Famous?

IMG_4973Check out this interview I did with The Finger Lakes Times. And if you can, pick up a copy and flip it below the fold to see my giant head (not because of the press, but because of the size of the photo!)

Here’s an excerpt:

Snyder said writing has been part of her life since she was 8. She credits one of her teachers at Penn Yan Elementary, Geraldine Turner, with encouraging her. “She was the first person who ever asked me to write a story, and I knew that was what I was meant to do,” she said.


My First Public Reading

Big news: On January 28th, I’ll be doing my first public reading of my fiction! Come to the Penn Yan Public Library at 6pm to hear me read “The Stone Wife.”


Here’s a blurb about the story from the publisher:

“The Stone Wife,” a short story by Bethany Snyder, tells the tale of a rainy day gone wrong. When nobody shows up for Danny’s little league practice, he follows a strange kid named Kevin into the creepy cemetery across the street in search of an adventure that Danny isn’t ready for, unaware of grave consequences he can’t imagine.”

Want to know more about the story? Check out this interview, and this review. See you there!